activities in towns and settlements mainly for children and youth.


children and youth in nature, through fun and empowering experiences.


Professional instruction for school teachers and education staffs.


Hosts workshops on philosophy and education.


going out to nature and catalyzing change.

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With many paths in education, it is possible to advance also those who need
a different mindset and approach.

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Extracurricular and non-formal education programs in communities, towns, and villages

Shvilim Center’s team provides group work and activities, at schools during school hours, as part of the schools’ non-formal education curriculums. After school, and coordinating the activities with school administrations and youth’s leaderships, we follow on the groups in the community.
Aligned with group work goals and objectives, and with the center’s curriculum, most activities are held outdoors.

Individual mentoring and guidance for children, youth, and adults

In our rounded stone hut, at Kibbutz Dalia, we hold individual therapeutic sessions. The unique building provides the optimal conditions for individual work with children, youth, and adults who need strengthening, encouragement, and direction whether mental, emotional, or physical.
In children’s and youth’s processes parents are an inherent part of the process.
Although we meet at the hut, the sessions usually take place outdoors regardless of weather conditions. And sometimes, the weather is the thing itself. Our purpose is to inspire the development of confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy through empowerment and experiential situations in, and using nature.

Instructing, facilitating, and mentoring teachers’ teams

teachers get to know themselves better, and strengthen their educational vision as we provide tools for improving classroom climates.


The center hosts workshops for organizations and societies on various educational, inspirational, and philosophical topics and personalizes the content to groups’ needs. Most activities are held outdoors to encourage group dynamics. After the workshop, we gather, eat, share experiences, and reflect.

Wilderness expeditions

The center organizes wilderness expeditions for non-formal education programs and groups. Expeditions can take anything between a few hours to 3-4 days. The outdoors, nature, and wilderness welcome and provide the ideal surroundings and circumstances for group work; as individuals in the group undergo meaningful, educational, and value-added processes. A team from the center with a 4WD-vehicle accompanies the group every step of the way; guiding, supporting, and professionally responding to any need. We take safety and security issues extra seriously, and therefore personnel assigned to the expedition will always depend on the number of participants. Expeditions take place on weekends and during school holidays.

Our nature-based activities develop skills and proficiencies on two main levels
The group level

Growth and development processes performed in a group improve awareness, strengthen self-confidence, build self-perception, and teach social skills.
Our group activities, based on a series of sessions, take place once or twice a week. The process combines a challenge and then a group discussion. Participants carry out assignments which can be physical, creative, mental, and emotional. The facilitator mediates, directs, and reflects as the group discusses feelings, thoughts, choices, as well as practices empathy, softness, and so forth.
Each assignment provides for group processes to come into play and reflects on the group’s dynamics. Overcoming the challenge, it helps the group build cohesion and trust among its members, fosters leadership, and develops decision-making mechanisms.
Supporting experience processing, and with time and place appropriate, facilitators feedback and provide positive reinforcement.

The personal level

Children who are more sensitive than others, whom also cope with social and emotional difficulties, can live with a sense of failure that hampers self-esteem. As a result, they often give up any idea or challenge even before trying. These children need a place in which they can express themselves, experience, and become stronger without fearing what people think or say.
During a series of sessions, we get to know each other, build mutual trust, and provide each child with a nature-based therapy and coaching plan that is built and tailored to meet specific needs.
During the sessions slowly but surely, step-by-step, and without pressure. the children get the opportunity to lead, each at their own pace. They then understand that success is possible, over and again.
Results are surprisingly fast which inspire the children and fill them with pride.
Experiencing success infuses courage and allows these children to dare, also in social settings that involve other children.

Common questions

What we offer?
  1. Non-formal education activities for groups of children and youth in communities, towns, and villages.
  2. Experiential and empowering group and individual sessions for children, youth, and adults in nature.
  3. Professional work with teachers and educational staff in schools.
  4. Host for workshops on various educational, spiritual, and philosophical topics
  5. Wilderness expeditions - going out to nature; triggering change in the inner space
Who is it for?
The Shvilim Center programs develop skills and abilities on two levels: The group level Learning social skills, and belonging to a group enhances self-awareness to behavior. Shvilim Center’s activities cultivate confidence, positive self-perception, and empower growth groups that meet weekly or biweekly. In the meetings, the group addresses a challenge; the instructor will give the group a task (can be physical, mental, or emotional), or tell a story. In the second part of the session, the group discusses and shares feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Every task or story teaches about dynamics in the group whereas dealing with and overcoming challenges foster leadership, support group decision-making processes, as well as team and trust building. Radiating understanding and empathy, helping participants process the experience instructors reflect and provide positive reinforcement at the right time and amount. Both parts of the session are carefully and attentively mediated allowing for choice and creation. The personal level Children with social and emotional difficulties often live with a sense of failure that hampers their self-esteem. These children tend to be more sensitive than others and are likely to reject outright any idea of taking on a challenge or trying something out. First and foremost, these children need a place in which they can express themselves, experience, and strengthen without fear of what people will think or say. Shvilim Center tailors a personal nature-based therapy and coaching plan for each child. During a series of sessions, we get to know each other and build trust. Slowly but surely, step-by-step, children get the opportunity to lead as they understand, time and again, that success is possible. Results are surprisingly fast; inspiring the children and filling them with pride. Experiencing success infuses courage and motivates them to dare also in social settings that involve other children.
We believe
We believe in an educational process that is instructional and impactful; a process that not only directs and builds but also provides the space required for personal growth. Our role is to reflect and mediate situations and circumstances; to shed light on certain aspects, to expand the experience and nurture the creation of insight and understanding towards oneself and peers. To offer alternatives for organizing young adults’ emotions and thoughts in a way that supports awareness and choice of behavior. As educators, our role isn’t necessarily to provide answers or solutions but rather let the children grapple with the problem or question as they try to find solutions and answers themselves. Dealing with challenges, children develop problem-solving skills, qualities like restraint, flexibility, and attentiveness, as well as communication and negotiations competencies, and the ability to reach common understanding and agreement.

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